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    The story

    The Story
    Maison Deux is a home & living brand for kids and their parents. Founded to design fun, minimalist products for contemporary homes.


    All our products are crafted from high-quality, natural materials, inspired by the stories and dreams of little rockers.

    A rocking little twin

    How it all began

    How it all began
    We founded Maison Deux after the birth of our twin son and daughter. The celebration of new life and a turbulent start inspired us to build a new home.


    A home filled with his stories and her dreams. Stories and dreams that come to life as products. Simple, pure products with a playful twist.

    Iconic rocking

    New generation of rocking horses

    The heroes behind our brand
    Iconic Rockers. The heroes behind our brand. The first product we launched in 2016, when Maison Deux was founded.


    We spent more than 1,5 year on designing, prototyping and testing. And now all icons are part of our family. Each icon has its own stories and dreams. Together they shape the new generation of rocking horses.


    Read more about our Iconic Rockers and take the (joy)ride.


    New stories and dreams

    Build new stories and dreams together
    Follow our stories and dreams on Instagram @maisondeux or share yours at #maisondeux. Get inspired, lay back and get notified on exclusive product launches.


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