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    Love Rug

    designer Pia Weinberg


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    • Handgetuftete 100% Wolle
    • Unterschiedliche Stapelhöhen
    • Abmessung: 100 x 50 cm
    • Hinweis: Verwenden Sie eine Anti-Rutsch-Matte

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    Love Rug | Hand-tufted statement Rug

    Add some love to your kids‘ room with our Love Rug. This statement rug, designed by Pia Weinberg, is made of 100% pure new wool and finished with different levels of piles. Besides the rug contains carved elements to add an extra dimension to the statement rug.


    The Love Rug fits perfectly in front of a baby dresser or your child’s bed. But also you beside your own bed. Place the rug anywhere you like and simply add that extra love.

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