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    Solid Cars Mini’s 3-Pack

    designer Lex Pott


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    • Solid ash
    • FSC-certified wood
    • L 9 x H 4 x W 2.5 cm
    • Made in Europe

    Solid Cars Mini’s 3-Pack | Minimalist cars by Lex Pott

    By eliminating all the details of a car, Dutch Designer Lex Pott comes to the visual core of the object. The series of Solid Cars Mini’s is crafted out of one piece of solid FSC-certified ash and comes in three different color combinations: Navy/Light Blue, Olive/Yellow and Nude/Red. A playful toy that combines the minimalist design principles with sustainable and natural materials.


    Hard to choose your favorite color? With this set you collect them all. Each car comes in their own packaging.


    Find yourself a colorful ride.

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      Dimensions: L 9 x H 4 x W 2.5 cm. Handcrafted from one single piece of FSC-certified ash and finished in three different colorful combinations.
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