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    Iconic Rockers.

    The new generation of rocking horses. Crafted from solid French oak with a soft finish and upholstered with the highest quality fabric made from 100% wool by Kvadrat.

    100% wool.

    My body is upholstered with ta durable fabric made from 100 % wool. Wool is naturally soil resistant. It resists dirt to greater extent than other types of fabric.

    French oak.

    I’m crafted in the Netherlands and made from solid French oak with a soft finish. My invisible varnish makes it easy to clean my wooden parts.

    Sexy legs.
    Swing safe.

    They added rubber strips to my legs to make sure your floor stays nice and clean. We know youngsters can be wild little monkeys. Therefor they added some stoppers to swing modestly. I’m extensively tried and independently tested, marked with CE / ASTM approval. Recommended for children over 18 months.

    Learn while playing.

    Rocking our Iconics emphasizes your child’s coordination and balance skills. Besides, it’s the foundation for imaginative play. Who said that a rocking horse should be an actual horse? Take the (joy)ride!

    A design icon.
    Rocked by generations.

    “A modern twist on

    a classic toy”


    “Exit le cheval”

    “Our nursery decor



    Dutch design.

    “I want to escape the ordinary. On the hunt for the unordinary. Reshaping my thoughts into minimalist and playful designs.” says Pia Weinberg.


    She wants to create a family home for both parents and kids, where minimalism meets fun. Filled with products that are iconic, simple and nurtured with tons of fun.

    Woes & Pia Weinberg

    the icons

    Get to know the Iconic Rocker family and learn more about each character. Meet the Iconic Cloud, Iconic Moon Stardust and the Iconic Moon Black. Stay tuned for exclusive editions.




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