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  • Iconic Cloud

    by Pia Weinberg

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    • Solid French oak

    • Wool by Kvadrat

    • CE marked, 18 months +

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    Iconic Cloud by Maison DeuxIconic-Cloud-by-Maison-DeuxIconic Cloud. Iconic Rockers. The new generation of rocking horses.Rocking-horse–Iconic-CloudIconic Rockers by Maison DeuxIconic Rockers Packaging

    Iconic Cloud | Rocking horse

    Meet me, Iconic cloud. A rocking horse crafted from solid French oak with a soft finish and upholstered with fabric made from 100% wool by Kvadrat. They added some rubber onto my legs so I can keep your mommies floor nice and clean. I’m made in the Netherlands, CE marked and recommended for children from 18 months.


    Did you know wool is naturally soil resistant? Wool resists dirt to a greater extent than other types of fabric. If I get dirty, use a damp cloth to wipe me clean.


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    About this character

    Is it windy in here? Oh no it’s just me. I’m a breezy rocking cloud that loves floating in the sky. Did you know? I once dreamed my cloud was full of sprinkles. It’s was raining confetti all day!

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    • Details & care
      I'm 69 x 27 x 40 cm. Wipe me clean with a damp cloth when I’m dirty. Dry me with a clean cloth and I’ll shine again.
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