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    Word Cubes White Exclusive | Personalize gift

    Let us reshuffle the blocks to personalize your gift. Choose between the following hashtags: #merryxmas, #happybday, #daddycool, #coolkiddo, #cutieface or #mommytobe. Just fill in the hashtag in the field next to the quantity and we will change the inlay.


    One box. More than 1000 words. 
    The set includes 10 wooden alphabet blocks crafted from FSC-certified oak and are softly rounded. The set includes the letters A to Z and even a #. With just one set you can write more than thousand words. Let’s write fun stuff like #happyface, #coffee, #needsleep, #weekend or you name it!


    The alphabet blocks are crafted in Europe and can be passed through generations.

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      Set of 10 wooden blocks. A/Z & #. 5 x 5 cm / 2 x 2 inches. Crafted from FSC-certified oak. CE-marked. Coms in a gift box.
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      3,2,1… Launch! Once ordered, your package will ship out from our Amsterdam warehouse within 24 hours.
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