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    We like it
    simple but fun.

    Maison Deux is a Dutch interior & lifestyle brand for kids and their parents. Founded to design fun, minimalist products for contemporary homes. All our products are crafted in Europe, made from high-quality materials that last for generations. Simple and iconic products with a playful twist.

    Design for
    kids and
    their parents.

    Maison Deux has the ambition to bring the home of kids and parents closer together. A home in which parents can enjoy design for kids as if it was designed for themselves. Products that blend in perfectly with the rest of your interior.

    A tribute.

    Maison Deux was founded by Pia & Woes Weinberg after the birth of their twin son and daughter. The celebration of new life and a turbulent start inspired them to build a new home. A home for kids and their parents. A home for two. Maison Deux.

    Maison Deux
    the label.

    Established in 2016, Maison Deux consists of a continuously growing collection of furniture, toys and home accessories. To build their ambition, it will further extent their collection by housing talented, outstanding designers in the near future.

    You can
    eat cake

    Because it’s someones birthday today! Treat your little one, grandson, niece, amigo or maybe just yourself.